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Salt Removal

When DensiCrete is applied to concrete its proprietary wetting and dispersion agents help it to penetrate deeply into the concrete matrix.  The sodium silicate in DensiCrete combines with the reactive calcium hydroxide to form calcium silicate (concrete).  The newly formed concrete is very dense and fills the empty pores in the concrete matrix.  Because the concrete is so dense, it displaces lighter materials from inside the matrix to the surface where it can be removed by spraying with water.

At the request of The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, using an independent lab that they chose, a modified AASHTO T-260 Chloride Ion Evacuation test was performed.  Three concrete slabs were allowed to cure for 28 days and then exposed to a chloride solution for 60 days.  At that point, all three specimens were drilled and the samples were crushed, thoroughly mixed, and tested for total chloride ion in accordance with AASHTO T-260.  One specimen was kept as the control and the other two were treated with DensiCrete.  At the end of 42 days, DensiCrete had removed 50.28% of chloride from the slabs.

At a meeting with PennDOT district 4 personnel, a concrete sample from a salt shed that was being demolished and replaced because of the damage done by the stored salt was provided to test.  The first coat of DensiCrete was applied and then passed around 10 minutes later to show that it had completely penetrated into the sample.  A second coat of DensiCrete was then applied and 30 minutes later it turned white from the salt that was expelled from inside the sample.

The second photo shows salt being evacuated and rebar that has completely deteriorated.

Salt 1

Salt 2

The next set of photos are from the Blair County PA parking garage in Holidaysburg PA. The first photo is 30 minutes after a test area inside the garage was treated with DensiCrete.  After 30 minutes salt was displaced and can be seen on the surface.  The second photo is from the stairwell in the garage that was heavily salted. A round trash barrel had been chained in the same spot for 20 years and protected the concrete from the salt.  After 30 minutes, significant amounts of chlorides were evacuated by the application of DensiCrete.

Salt 3

salt 4

The following picture is from the city of Boston maintenance garage.  The city engineer sprayed a small area with DensiCrete and a few minutes later the entire area turned white with evacuated salt.

Salt 5

The photo below is from the Port Authority bus garage in Pittsburgh PA.  DensiCrete was applied to an area where engine maintenance was performed.  In the winter, the buses come in with salt mixed with ice and snow that has accumulated from the salt treated roads.  10 minutes after the DensiCrete application, salt had already started to be evacuated to the surface.

Salt 6

The final photo is from a Pennsylvania Turnpike salt shed near Uniontown PA.

PA Turnpike