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DensiCrete is a unique Zero VOC sodium silicate concrete sealer in an aqueous solution with proprietary wetting and dispersion agents. due to its unique formulation, has the following key characteristics:

  • Penetrates Deeply into Concrete Matrix
  • Prevents Carbonation
  • Significantly Reduces Freeze/Thaw Deterioration
  • Inhibits Rebar Corrosion Activity in Concrete
  • Cleans Concrete Inside and Out
  • Seals Concrete
Pail of DensiCrete
  • Densifies Concrete
  • Increases Compressive Strength & Flexure Strength
  • Zero VOC’s and NSF Approved
  • Accelerates Curing Process
  • Displaces Salt, Oil and Acid from Inside Concrete
  • Extends the Life of Concrete

DensiCrete Tests:

  • ASTM C-42 Compressive and Flexure Strength
    • Compressive: 29% increase to 4,740 PSI
    • Flexure: 28% increase to 543 PSI
  • ASTM C-666 Freeze Thaw - Test stopped at 300 cycles
  • ASTM C-672 Freeze Thaw – IllinoisDOT tested and approved
  • ASTM D-3960 Zero VOC’s
  • ASTM C-157/C-157M Shrinkage (Modified early shrinkage)
    • DensiCrete was applied immediately after demolding and air dried for 28 days. The treated specimens showed 17% less shrinkage than the untreated control specimens.
  • Carbonation Test - Estimated 10 year exposure rate
    • Treated sample: No penetration
    • Untreated sample: Over 1/2 inches
  • AASHTO T- 384 Moisture Vapor Transmission
    • Allowed over 98% vapor transmission compared to control
  • AASHTO T- 260 Chloride Evacuation Test - Evacuated Over 50% of Total Imbedded Chlorides
  • AASHTO T-259 - Chloride Ion Penetration Test
    • Treated sample: 1.85lbs/cubic yard
    • Untreated sample: 28.85lbs/cubic yard
  • SHE-75-14.9 Passed Ohio skid resistance test


300 Freeze

Shrinkage Test

Salt Removal


  • Dilution                                Use as Supplied
  • Freezing Point                          32 Degrees F
  • Boiling Point                           230 Degrees F
  • Shelf Life                                        60 Months
  • Color of Product                                Opaque
  • Color when Applied                              None
  • Odor                                                 Negligible
  • Flammability                                          None
  • Environmental Hazards                       None
  • 2 Coat Coverage*                75 Sq Ft per Gal
  • Clean Up                               Soap and Water
  • Application Temp.                       50 F to 90 F
  • Storage Temp.                             40 F to 90 F
  • Composition                        Silicate in Water

*  Most concrete requires two coats applied at 150 sq ft per coat

DensiCrete Approvals:

    • In 1996, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) approved DensiCrete in Bulletin No. 15 as an Approved Construction Material.
    • In 2019 The Illinois Department of Transportation completed testing and included DensiCrete on its Qualified Products List.
    • In 2020 NSF International approved Densicrete as a product that is acceptable for use as a concrete treatment (P1), in and around food processing areas.