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WICKTEK INC. warrants DensiCrete to be free of defects in material. However, no warranty as to appearance or color is provided. Because methods of application and on site conditions are beyond our control and can affect product performance, WICKTEK makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. WICKTEK’S sole obligation shall be at its option to either replace the quantity of product proved to be defective, or to refund the purchase price (excluding shipping and handling costs) of product proved to be defective. WICKTEK shall not be liable for any loss or damage.

Any claim hereunder shall be deemed waived unless the owner shall have given WICKTEK written notice thereof within thirty (30) calendar days following the discovery of circumstances giving rise to a claim. WICKTEK will acknowledge receipt of the claim in writing thirty (30) days after receipt of owner’s claim. The warranty period shall commence at the time of application of the product(s).

If payment in full is not made on a timely basis to WICKTEK, this limited warranty shall be without consideration and this limited warranty shall be null and void and of no further force and effect.

All products are to be applied according to WICKTEK’s written surface preparation and application instructions. Failure to follow said instructions and procedures shall make this limited warranty null and void and of no further force and effect. WICKTEK does not warrant or guarantee the quality of labor used to apply or install the product(s) covered by this limited warranty.

Because the product DensiCrete is a penetrating silicate in water, its use causes some foreign matter to be displaced to the surface of the concrete. WICKTEK has no control over what these materials forced to the surface may be or what hazards they may present. Sometimes displaced materials may stain the surface of the concrete or otherwise cause the surface to be impaired and WICKTEK will not accept any liability for the consequences thereof.

This limited warranty comprises the entire warranty granted for the product(s) and no prior, current or subsequent oral or written representations made by any WICKTEK agent or employee shall be binding on WICKTEK unless specifically and expressly incorporated in writing herein. And no warranty is valid unless approved by an authorized WICKTEK agent or and authorized WICKTEK officer in writing on the WICKTEK Warranty Request Form.