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In 1996, DensiCrete was approved they the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and in the next three years was used on the following projects:


In 1999, a 1.6 mile section of roadway including a bridge was treated with DensiCrete.  In the following 20 years there has been no additional treatment.  The first photo shows the border between the DensiCrete treated and contiguous untreated area.  The untreated area has deteriorated so badly that an asphalt overlay had to be applied. Over the 20 year period, the treated road has been word down to the aggregate and shows no signs of cracking or spalling.

The second photo is a close up of the road surface where over 20 years the friction from tires and snow plows exposed the aggregate. Both the concrete and joint remain in great condition.

Treated / Untreated
79 Devide

79 Close up

In 1999, the Lardin Bridge on Route 21 near Masontown, PA and the Point Marion bridge over the Cheat River were treated with DensiCrete. 

Pt. Marion Lardin Road

DensiCrete Approvals:

    • In 1996, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) approved DensiCrete in Bulletin No. 15 as an Approved Construction Material.
    • In 2019 The Illinois Department of Transportation completed testing and included DensiCrete on its Qualified Products List.
    • In 2020 NSF International approved Densicrete as a product that is acceptable for use as a concrete treatment (P1), in and around food processing areas.